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Enhance your company’s remote communications with Polycom RealPresence Video conferencing systems

Polycom RealPresence Video conferencing

Irish companies operate within one of the most globalised markets in the world, and to foster lasting relationships with overseas partners it’s essential to have the right video conferencing systems. Designed with enterprise in mind, Polycom RealPresence offers business owners a powerful suite of tools to communicate and collaborate with partners, fostering deeper connections and streamlining the decision-making process. The Polycom RealPresence Group Series provides the perfect complement to these capabilities, and products within the range can be implemented in a variety of conferencing environments.

Features at a glance

Easy to set up and use, the RealPresence Group line provides peerless out-of-the-box functionality. Its robust feature-set includes:

  • Native support for 1080p video at sixty frames per second, offering a crisp and fluid video conferencing experience.
  • Polycom SmartPairing, allowing you to easily connect devices to annotate and group-edit content
  • Polycom People+Content, providing a streamlined means of sharing content.
  • Eagle Eye director allows hands-free operation of the EagleEye Camera, which utilises powerful facefinder technology to properly frame conference participants with wide-angle and optical zoom functionality. This is particularly useful in small room settings, as a VC camera positioned too close will often fail to capture everyone in view.
  • Polycom VisualBoard technology allows you to mark up images and documents shared by conference participants with a connected mouse, touch display or the Polycom UC Board peripheral.
  • EagleEye Director makes conferences more immersive by automatically zooming in on the person speaking

A product for every environment

In addition to the above feature-set, individual models in the range have a number of optimised features to serve niche conference environments.

  • The 300 group. With a sleek design and compact form factor, the 300 series is ideal for any room where space is at a premium.
  • The 500 group. This line’s strengths lies primarily in its flexibility, allowing users to annotate, whiteboard and share content across a large number of devices. Including all of the features of the 300 group, the 500 line also supports dual monitor output, allowing you to inject greater visual impact into your conferences. You can also use the optional multipoint feature to conduct high definition video calls with as many as six participants at one time.
  • The 700 series. Designed to fit the requirements of classrooms, training rooms and large group-work environments, the 700 is the flagship model of the series. Aside from all of the features included in the 300 and 500 groups, this model allows you to connect multiple cameras and microphones, as well as up to three monitors. In addition, native support for Polycom Soundstructure allows for more complex audio arrangements to be delivered with crystal clarity.

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