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Digital Signage – 4 Common Mistakes Made with & How to Avoid Them

Digital Signage - 4 Common Mistakes Made with & How to Avoid Them

Digital signage can be extremely powerful when it’s used effectively. Digital signs are a great way to pass on important messages to staff, customers and the general public.

When introducing digital signage to your organisation, it well worth planning out your requirements properly. This will help to make sure no shortcuts are taken and avoid making simple errors that can cost you time and money.

Hardware, software, tools, and techniques are all evolving rapidly and it’s difficult to keep up with the advancements. With this in mind, here are 4 of the most common mistakes made in digital signage, and how you can avoid them:


The difference between your expectations and the delivery can be vast. It’s vital that from the very start, your AV integrator has a clear understanding of the goals for your digital signage project.

  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • Who are you targeting?
  • What messages and experiences do you want the people who interact with the digital signage to have?
  • What are your intended outcomes?

Your goals and desired results should be clearly defined. If they are not clarified and communicated, the expectations can vary.

Work closely with your AV integrator to define the project in as much detail as possible. A good AV specialist will also be able to advise you and guide you through the process to ensure you get the desired results.

Digital Signage Design Process

Always keep the end user in mind. Make sure you are using the right blend of hardware and software that focuses on a first-class user experience.

Modern digital signage can be highly interactive and used creatively in lots of exciting ways. Considering the end-user means thinking about how they might interact with content displayed on digital signs. This could come in the form of touch screens as well as more creative interaction through social media channels.

It doesn’t matter how many state-of-the-art digital signs you install, if they are not resonating with the intended audience you won’t achieve your project goals.

Content Strategy

It’s important to have a clear overall digital signage content strategy and then test and measure the process over time.

Examine the data from previous campaigns…

  • What messages connected well?
  • What calls to action were responded to?

A data driven strategy will help you refine you content as you progress.

Up to Date

Now that you have a fabulous new digital signage solution in place, you need to keep it up to date. Software providers often rollout updates and patches and it’s important that you apply them.

New or updated software might provide interesting features or workflows that can improve your setup.

More and more organisations are introducing and expanding their digital signage. Before you set out on a new project keep these four areas in mind to help you maximise the impact of your installation.

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