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Complete Corporate Audio Visual Systems


 It’s very easy now for companies to meet clients face to face instantly without the time and expense of flights.

Video conferencing systems have been in Boardrooms for decades. Until relatively recently the cost of these systems meant only the wealthiest companies could afford them. Even then, a lack of adequate networking meant they weren’t particularly useful. Now that high speed networks are standard infrastructural components and the necessary audio visual technologyhas become affordable, any business, even the very small, can operate a video conferencing solution. No matter if your colleagues or clients are in Dublin, Paris or Tokyo – with video conferencing you can conduct your meeting with ease and at low cost.

The quality of screens and the connections have improved considerably over the years. Gone are the low res screens and disjointed audio sounds that were commonplace with audio visual software. The new era of audio visual boardroom solutions is all about clarity, quality and ease of use.


Training rooms equipped with advanced A/V equipment are a common sight in offices around the world. When staff need to be up-skilled it is often more cost effective to set up an internal training space. Experts can give remote presentations and training using conferencing facilities installed in these rooms. The training room can then also be used as a conference room for employees to have meetings in when no training is being given.


Using audio visual systems to communicate within a company and with other companies is a powerful tool. It is also important for a company to be able to communicate with their customers. A display screen installed in a lobby or reception area is great not only for impressing potential clients and customers but can also be a great way to get across your brand message or company ethos.

Meritec are providers of custom A/V and conferencing solutions for the boardroom, the office and the lobby. Browse our website to see the wide range of bespoke audio visual services they provide.