Co-Working Spaces and Video Conferencing – A Modern Requirement

Video Conferencing & Coworking spaces

We’re in a digital world where cutting edge technology is reshaping how we live and interact with one and other. In this technological age, the way people conduct business is also changing. The physical interactions are turning into digital ones and the smart use of office space is on the rise.

Welcome to the world of video conferencing and co-working spaces.

It is a new era for how we interact and conduct business thanks to the help of digital spaces. The world of business is getting smarter by saving and sharing resources and thereby maximising efficiency and output.


The rise of co-working spaces

Our world is changing, and smarter practices are being introduced all of the time. One of the central objectives of business has remained the same however, and that is the reduction of costs and maximisation of profits. A modern solution to reducing overheads is the “Co-working space”.


So, what exactly is a co-working space?

It is essentially an office space that is not tied to any one business but in fact offers desks and/or entire sections of the space contractually to those who wish to use it.

These spaces often offer all of the essentials of the modern workplace such as communal break rooms, kitchen, bathroom, receptionist and all of the tech equipment required.

One of the biggest selling points of the coworking space however is the new approach to work that it offers. Without the corporate constraints of what an office “should be” coworking spaces are designed to provide a productive and collaborative experience to the dynamic groups of people who use them.

coworking space


Who can use a Co-working Space?

The Co-working space first became popular among those, who you may expect would not traditionally have an office to go to, such as freelancers and start-ups. This was a perfect mix as the energy of smaller start-ups and freelancers aligned well with that of the coworking space. Fresh, energised and mission driven.

After seeing the success of these spaces, larger businesses have begun to buy into the new format of “Office life”. Removing overheads on rent and the long-term planning required to have your own office space, the immediate benefits are apparent. However, it is the many other benefits that come from working in a shared space that really stand out.

For one, people report feeling much happier in their jobs as there is no longer the office politics that come with corporate offices. Half of the people you see during the day may not work for your company and may even work in a totally different discipline to you. This takes away all feelings of competitiveness among colleagues and can offer fresh perspectives for you to bounce ideas off.

Research into the effectiveness of co-working spaces, published in the Harvard Business Review showcased some of the many benefits co-working spaces are showing to have among those who use them. Such as:

  • People who use coworking spaces see their work as meaningful.
  • They have more job control.
  • They feel part of a community.


The Role of Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is a transformative technology that has long been a part of the modern world of business. With the use of the internet, two computers on opposite sides of the world can establish a strong, secure and high-definition connection. This eliminated the need for long business trips in order to negotiate or sign deals as they could now be done remotely at a fraction of the cost and time.

While video conferencing had become a lot more common place in the office pre-covid, the everyday use of such tools has grown exponentially since the first shutdowns came into effect. It is during this time that many businesses and employees alike began to see the full potential video conferencing can offer.

People are no longer required to travel to attend meetings in person as they can simply log in to an online meeting from wherever they are. The flexibility and freedom this can offer has made many people begin to question whether they would return to a traditional office setting.


Dedicated Meeting Space in the Co-working Office

Things get even more interesting when we combine these two innovative ways of working under the one roof. A dedicated video conferencing space within a coworking office allows individuals the freedom to work in an environment of their choosing. And still have all of the necessary tech solutions to carry out meetings remotely from a professional setting.

Depending on the size of the coworking space they may have one or multiple dedicated video conferencing rooms.

They are then open to those who have rented a desk or entire space within the coworking office as needed. This system of booking the space as required is showing to be a much more cost effective and efficient solution for businesses who may otherwise have had to invest into the high tech solutions themselves.


Why do we need a dedicated Meeting Space in a co-working Office?

An individual or a team may need to hire out a separate room to have total quietness. This could be a huddle space or larger conference room. Here, having the dedicated videoconferencing setup can make all the difference and make your coworking space stand out. The correct booking system etc, audio, sound etc is a prerequisite for many coworking spaces today.



Video Conferencing tools

There are several video conferencing tools that are empowering remote work and securing business continuity with their high-quality connections. Some of these are:



Zoom is a video conferencing software that can provide a safe and secure connection between two computers. It is convenient to install either on the mobile phone or on the laptop from wherever you are. Zoom Rooms are the perfect solution which combines the high performing software with high quality devices for shared collaboration spaces

For more information on Zoom Room Solutions check out our dedicated page here.



Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a product developed by Microsoft. It is used not only for video conferencing but also for workplace chat, file storage and application integration.

Microsoft Teams devices for Shared Collaboration spaces takes this software to the next level ensuring you have the perfect setup for a professional video conferencing space though Microsoft Teams Rooms.

For more information on Microsoft Teams VC Space solutions check out our dedicated page here.

What are Microsoft Teams Rooms?

Go To Collaboration Solutions

GoTo is a similar product that provides video conferencing. It empowers people to work remotely and secures business continuity. It makes the experience of virtual meeting extremely user friendly with its strong and secure connection.

There are a variety of different options including:

  • GoTo Connect
  • GoTo Training
  • GoTo Webinar

For more information on GoTo Collaboration solutions VR space setups check out our dedicated page here.


Final words on Video Conferencing and Co-Working Offices

The use of video conferencing and co-working spaces is on the rise and certainly does not seem to be going anywhere. The Covid 19 pandemic has reshaped the way that we work and showed many people that traditional office life is no longer the only option.

With the flexibility that video conferencing offers and the rise of co-working spaces in cities across the globe we expect to see this trend continue to grow in coming years.


Want Video Conferencing for your Co-Working Space? Consider Meritec

While the future of video conferencing will continue to evolve in terms of the tech available – it’s an invaluable tool for co-working spaces to get right. And so, choosing the right setup for your space is vital.

Chat with us today, so we can understand your space, video conferencing needs and ultimately to help set you up for success!