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Cisco wireless – changing the way we connect

In today’s wireless cloud-based world people have more choices in how they interact with each other. The next generation of telecommunications is enabling greater work from home and telecommuting opportunities, better telepresence video conferencing capabilities and improved inter-connectedness between individuals, groups, corporations and even governments.

Cisco UK and Ireland Chief Technology Officer Ian Foddering predicts that IT infrastructures will become more flexible to suit new models of living. He said that communications technology would focus on simplifying IT systems, protecting and securing networks and becoming more adaptable to change. Foddering was speaking about a recent Cisco TechWatch survey that found 15% of companies within Ireland and the UK are structuring their current operations based on the most efficient use of their skills and resources and making drastic changes in their IT and staffing processes to adjust to this change. The survey also found 76% of companies plan to make these changes in the near future.

The Cisco report found that small to medium enterprises in particular are beginning to prioritise remote access for staff. SMEs are starting to see the increased opportunities for flexibility, stimulating productivity and increasing the work-life balance and general happiness of their employees.

Cisco’s wireless technologies, which are available throughout the world, are playing a pivotal role in enabling this new era of global telecommunications.


Cisco is a global company headquartered in the USA that provides video conferencing networking solutions designed to transform the way people connect, communicate and collaborate.
The Cisco range of wireless products include:

  • Access points, adapters and antennas
  • Wireless LAN controllers and LAN management
  • Outdoor and mobile wireless
  • Wireless integrated switches and routers
  • Service control for mobile networks
  • Wireless security servers and IP telephony
  • Broadband wireless access
  • Mobile internet and mobility services
  • Cisco Mobility Express
  • Cisco Spectrum Intelligence

Let’s take a closer look at some of these wireless products that are changing the way people do business.

Access points – highly secure and reliable access points combine the mobility of wireless with the performance of wired networks for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Wireless LAN controllers – WLANs centralise control with an optimised network of controllers which support small or large wireless network deployments. WLAN controllers provide visibility, scalability and reliability needed for highly secure, enterprise-scale wireless networks with flexible deployment models.

Network services and management – services offer scalable multi device and multi-network applications including monitoring of access points and WLAN controllers. Management services include full lifecycle management of wired and wireless infrastructure, support for mobility services and advanced location services.

Outdoor wireless access points – outdoor wireless networks provide real time access to people, applications and network resources. By providing access to outdoor wireless points people can stay more connected and productive no matter where they are.
Cisco wireless products provide the same quality experience of a wired network but with anytime, anywhere access for greater work-life balance.