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Cisco Video Conferencing Evolving Ireland’s Business Communication

The Cisco range of video conferencing units are helping Irish businesses improve their B2B communications, streamline their business processes and cut down on unnecessary travel times for important business and industry related meetings.
Cisco telepresence brings people together in a virtual space – not via unreliable, slow and grainy audio visual systems, but via high definition, crystal clear AV units that make everyone involved feel like they are meeting in the same physical place. Whether it’s for a board meeting, a job interview or a team “think tank” session, Cisco’s telepresence solutions provide a gathering space for people to tune in to each other’s thoughts, ideas and insights – no matter where they are in the world.


Accelerated decision making – Video conferencing allows company stakeholders, staff, clients and customers to interact quickly no matter where they are located. This means no long travel or commute times in order to hold those vital discussions. Meetings can be organized quickly and with less interruption to the daily work schedules of those involved, Q&A sessions can be handled in real time, vital decisions can be reached more efficiently, and related issues and challenges can be resolved expediently.

Enhanced customer relations – Businesses can take a more innovative approach to client/customer interaction. VC units can be used to hold intimate meetings with VIP customers. This form of communication enables a much more proactive rather than reactive approach to client communication.

Improved collaboration – Telepresence units allow people to collaborate remotely to work on their important projects. They can share content and ideas, display video presentations, and create high quality recordings for events, meetings and product launches.
Cisco’s telepresence units bring in-person communication to a global audience. Collaborating across the globe can help Irish businesses increase their reach, enhance client relationships and promote innovation.

Cisco’s evolution in video conferencing systems are now widely available in Ireland thanks to Meritec Audio Visual Solutions. Contact Meritec for more advice about purchasing and installing Cisco video conferencing for your business communications. Email