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Choosing the right supplier in a world of change…

Meeting Room



In the context of technology and AV, the only constant is change! What worked last year may not be the best approach today. It seems that the evolution of tech and the rate of change is constantly gaining pace. This particularly true when it comes to soft codec.


What is a Soft Codec?

A soft codec is a codec that comes in software form. Although it’s a simple concept, it has been nothing short of transformational. Soft codecs allow organisations to collaborate and communicate effectively. This can be between fellow- employees in the same building or on the other side of the world. It is a trend that’s going to grow in popularity and is already gaining a lot of momentum.


Your laptop or PC with software from a partner such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom is your Soft Codec


To combat and adjust to these changes, it is integral that we partner with the right kind of supplier and partner.


What does Crestron Supply?















“Solutions for today, ready for the demands of tomorrow. It’s just that innovative.”


By focusing on automation solutions that make day to day tasks easier and improving efficiency & productivity – Crestron are the leaders in cutting edge-technology – bringing scalable and customized solutions.


We are proud to work with Creston who are very innovative and ahead of the curve when it comes to Soft Codec and VC solutions. As a premium supplier to Meritec, let’s look at some of the latest technologies in this space and the Crestron Flex – unified communications & collaboration solutions.

Crestron and Zoom Rooms

Using technology such as Zoom Rooms – with a blend of suitable products, you can create an ideal meeting room environment – one that is efficient and flawless. From last minute meetings to global team huddles in both regular office environments, right through to strategically designed huddle spaces, Crestron’s solutions are second to none.


Getting the most out of your meeting with table-top devices

Crestron Flex M- Series

The Crestron Flex M-Series allows for a seamless and efficient meeting experience with it’s table-top devices. Every element is heard and seen–every participant, every piece of the richest content. With Quad Array microphones – every voice at the table can be picked up clearly within a range of 20 feet. Furthermore, it is an isolated acoustic – so no matter where you are positioned at the table, the same high sound quality applies to  every voice.


And with a 4k camera, the precision and clarity of the images generated is also of the very highest quality. With dynamic light optimization and auto white balance, every participant will be seen fully with a great deal of clarity.


Front of the Room

Crestron Flex B-series


For a slightly bigger set-up there is the Crestron Flex B-series. It  provides Beam Microphones that pick up within a range of 23 feet – you can hear whoever is speaking with pinpoint precision.  And of course, with a 4k camera every participant is clearly visible in sharp focus. Despite the advanced technology, the set up and installation is quite straightforward and simple – all you need are screws, USB and a power connection. It’s that simple.


b100-beam mics

Integrator Kit

Sometimes the logistics of meetings can be a little more challenging. There may be pre-existing configurations with multi-locations. However, with the Integrator kit of the Crestron Flex C-Series, flexibility to your specific circumstances is facilitated in a quick and seamless fashion.


Crestron and Teams

To have the most efficient and effective workplace – everyone needs to be on the same page. With Flex for teams – Crestron’s solutions allow for just that – an efficient and collaborative workplace. It is essentially one platform that supports Microsoft teams on every device – everywhere.


Using the One cloud management system built on Microsoft Azure – it is a cohesive, consistent Microsoft user experience from desktop to boardroom.


With cutting-edge technology such as the tabletop Crestron m-series and front of the room Crestron B-series as described above – your team’s efficiency and productivity can skyrocket. Beyond these technologies, there is the incredibly useful piece of tech for teams which is the desktop phone.


What is the desktop phone?

“Seize the day with just one touch”

Desktop Phone







Crestron’s Flex P-Series is a ground-breaking piece of technology. As a desktop device, it allows you the freedom to work highly efficiently and to free up time.  As it’s cloud enabled, it is intelligent enough to find your meetings and organize your contacts. It can even pick up the audio from the conference via your phone. You can coordinate between devices to collaborate with your colleagues in the most effective way possible. More time – more efficiency.


We are delighted to partner with Crestron as they provide the highest quality when it come to everything soft codec and beyond. There are decades of audio and video engineering expertise built into every device. As a result, this trusted supplier allows us to provide you with tailormade solutions – that work brilliantly in each work-environment we come across for our clients.


If you would like to find out more about these solutions, then please contact us.