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Check Out Microsoft’s Incredible Surface Hub 2

microsoft surface hub 2

Microsoft is really pushing the boundaries when it comes to the office of the future and it’s exciting times by the looks of things! The tech giants have unveiled the next-generation of their spectacular conference room display screens – the Surface Hub 2 and it looks pretty amazing!

The original model, released back in 2016, was a 1080p 55-inch or 84-inch 4K screen however the Surface 2 boasts greater than 4K resolution 50.5” screen and 3:2 aspect ratio with ridiculously thin bezels. If you’re a tech geek – it’s definitely enough to get the mouth-watering! And if you’re simply a  user of conferencing facilities – it’s a glimpse into how intuitive conferencing technology will be into the future.

It’s clear that Microsoft has invested heavily to achieve this thin design – which allows the gorgeous screen to rotate freely.


Microsoft hasn’t given us an official release date, or even too many specs yet, but they certainly have given the industry enough info. to catch our attention. The preview is aimed at companies who like to plan their IT upgrading well in advance and it gives them an insight into what’s coming down the line.

Collaborative Working Environments

We recently wrote about collaboration spaces and why they’re becoming so popular in modern offices. One important factor in their popularity is productivity and studies have found that companies promoting collaborative working were five times as likely to be high performing.

Microsoft has clearly recognised this evolution in working practices and their product development team has embraced this ethos, if the Surface Hub 2 is anything to go by. The focus is on creating devices that can support collaborative teams in new modern open offices and to allow people contribute from anywhere in the world.

Microsoft’s aim with the Surface Hub 2 is to go past simply sharing information but move towards a situation where employees can really work together in an efficient and productive manner.

Check out the first look video and see for yourself…..

AV to Unleash Your Team Talents

The Surface Hub 2 has been especially designed with teams in mind, it aims to get your team out of their seats, to connect together and to come up with great ideas collaboratively – regardless of  location.

Surface 2 has a stunning multi-touch display that is a wonderful blank canvas to work with and it can harness the power of Microsoft’s full software suite: Microsoft Whiteboard, Microsoft Team, Office 365……

Inbuilt are 4K cameras that can rotate with the screen, rich quality speakers and a series of microphones to capture speech perfectly. So, if people are logging in remotely – the quality is suh that it will feel as if they are in the same room. If the display is set to portrait mode it will be like you are latterly standing next to the other video caller – who may be attending the meeting from the other side of the world!

Whilst the Surface Hub 2 is still based on Windows 10, Microsoft engineers are working on new dynamic collaboration software that will enable people to simply log in with a built-in fingerprint reader and then access their own docs and pull them into one collaborative space, shared with an agreed audience or set of attendees. If you think it sounds impressive – wait til you see what it looks like….

Check out another amazing piece of futuristic office collaboration tech from Microsoft.


microsoft surface 2 tiling

The Surface Hub 2 is very versatile and can be easily adapted to suit your space. It can also be expanded by connecting up to 4 devices together to create a video wall type display. Microsoft is calling this ‘tiling’ and it means that the screens can be placed side by side either horizontally or vertically.


Its lightweight design, although we don’t have exact details just yet, means that staff can easily move it from room to room around the office as required. Microsoft has teamed up with Steelcase to develop a stand for mounting the display complete with wheels so you can roll it around the without even breaking a sweat!!

Next Generation Meetings

Microsoft say, “we’re passionate about creating experiences that allow the technology to fade into the background, so people and teams can be as productive and creative as possible”. The first generation went a long way to achieving this goal by being able to have a meeting or open a whiteboard with a single touch. More than 5,000 businesses added it to their AV line-up in over 25 countries and more than half of Fortune 100 companies have the first model.

We’re certainly excited to try out the Surface Hub 2 and we think the new multi-user aspect really takes it to the next level.

This highly innovative state-of-the-art collaboration technology has the ability to vastly improve efficiency and break down communication barriers that might exist – delivering real results.

I Want One Now!

For anyone screaming out to pick up a Surface Hub 2 today we’re afraid you’re going to have to wait just a little longer. Some preview models are expected later this year, but general release will be in 2019. So, you’ll have to be patient to get your hands on this amazing piece of kit.

As far as pricing is concerned Microsoft are suggesting it will be in line with similar devices on the market so we might see a little pricing battle going between some of the tech giants.

If you can’t wait until then give us a call and we can discuss your requirements and talk you through some other excellent collaboration tech. There’s plenty of fantastic options available from interactive flat panels and whiteboards to video conferencing AV solutions.

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