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Catch the fleeting attention of customers with LCD monitor displays

LCD monitors, with their brightly lit screens and compact form make highly versatile informational and commercial displays.The narrow form means LCD monitors can fit easily into shop windows providing an engaging method of alerting customers to products and special offers available inside. It is also more versatile than traditional shop signs and displays.

It can be changed with the click of a mouse and at no additional cost to the store owner. In large shopping centres where space is at a premium the small form of the units once again brings benefits. The displays can be used to alert customers to special offers and sales on at particular stores even showing customers how to get to those stores with dynamic map displays. Cinemas can show trailers for upcoming movies on the same LCD monitor they display film screening times. Airports and train stations also use LCD screens to provide information to travellers about train times, delays and cancellations. They can easily be configured to display information about closing periods, construction or other events that may disrupt normal operations.

Digital flat panel displays are also more reliable than older mechanical display systems that are prone to malfunction and are expensive to maintain and repair. Large screens can be used to display programming in waiting areas for passengers. Even in the corporate world the LCD monitor has a wide number of uses.

Employed in the boardroom as a video conferencing method screens can be installed to take up an entire wall giving the sense that both parties are in the same room. The narrow form of the monitors means they can be hidden away behind panels when not in use. Beyond the conference room LCD displays can be installed in lobbies of office buildings to promote the company and share information with visitors. Limited space available at trade shows makes the LCD screen the perfect way to draw attention and promote a business.

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