Stryker – Anngrove

A large Audio Visual fit-out for Stryker at their Anngrove site.
This project consisted, in excess, of 60 Rooms with differing requirements from small meeting rooms and office spaces with 55” LED displays with HDMI, VGA & audio, and Crestron Wireless AM100 to high
spec Boardrooms with video walls and high-end Video conferencing systems.

With this large scale rollout consisting predominantly of Crestron systems, for switching, signal management, and control, we were able to make this project Certified Crestron.Crestron certification provides the client with extended warranty and additional cost savings which prove very advantageous for any client.

This was a project with a very tight delivery schedule. We hit all our deadlines and delivered the project on time and to budget much to the satisfaction of our client and other contractors involved in the
project. Rooms with AV fit-outs include:

  • Meeting Rooms
  • Offices with 55”
  • Project Spaces
  • Production Areas
  • Canteen
  • Reception
  • VP Offices
  • Focus Rooms

The Canteen area (Below photo) consist of a 9-screen video wall with 9 x 55” LED displays. 2 x TOA line array speakers provide excellent quality sound throughout this large space. This room is controlled, and its input / output signals managed, via Crestron Touch panel and large signal management switchers and processors.




This Highly flexible and sophisticated Boardroom highlights the technical standards to which Meritec work. A Matrix switcher allows any input signal from the Boardroom table (2 x HDMI & 2 x VGA & audio), video conferencing system (Polycom Group Series 700 with Polycom Eagle Eye Director) and wireless connectivity (Crestron), to be outputted to any of the three displays on the photo. Polycom ceiling mics provide excellent audio pickup with a discreet, neat design and installation. These mics coupled with a powerful audio DSP (digital signal Processor) enable great quality audio at both ends of the conference call. Essential for an immersive video conferencing call. All these components are controlled via a Crestron 10″ Touch Panel which was programmed and designed in-house by Meritec and Training on the system was also completed by Meritec. The Centerpiece of this standout boardroom is the four screen LED video wall comprising of 4 x 55” LED displays. 2 x side/ support displays further add to the flexibility and, therefore, the complexity of this great room.


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