Storyful Audio Conferencing Solution

The HQ for Storyful is based in Dublin, Ireland however the company has grown significantly in recent years and it now operates on a global basis and has offices in New York and Hong Kong. As a result, an effective, robust Video Conferencing system became an essential requirement.

The business had a basic set-up which included the use of Google Hang Outs and a Chrome box with a camera and an inbuilt small mike fixed to the top of the machine. There was a 42” screen on the wall. The video conferencing set-up in the overseas offices was good however there were a number of issues with the set-up in Dublin – the main one involved an audio loop which resulted in constant sound feedback through the mike – making it impossible to hear what was being said. Another concern was that the camera was fixed so that it couldn’t be pointed at the person speaking – the existing installation was more suitable for a one-on-one meeting and Storyful needed it to facilitate conference calls with many participants.

ClearOne App Diagram Support

Louise Byrne, COO Storyful, says “It was obvious that we needed a new system and I have some knowledge around audio so I had an idea about what might be required. I googled video conferencing and decided to get a few quotes from local suppliers.”

Installation/Solution Supplied

When the team at Meritec assessed the existing set-up and the requirements outlined by Storyful, they quoted for a comprehensive solution which included video conferencing equipment, an installation service and cabling, their standard after-sales technical support.

The equipment included

  • An Audio Digital Signal Processor, with high definition mikes and speakers, separate to the display already in place. This delivers much higher quality sound and eliminates the audio loop issue.
  • A Pan Tilt, Zoom, High Definition Camera, which can take in four or five people around a room or can be manually turned to the person speaker (an automated, sound activated movement is also an option).
  • A Rack, which tidies up all the equipment and cabling, offering a professional, safe environment

Meritec supplied sample installations and client references also as part of their quote.

Competitive Pricing and Free Demo.

Louise explains that there were a number of reasons why Meritec was ultimately chosen to supply and install the system. “Obviously the main requirement was to deliver an effective, good quality system and in chatting with the guys there I was impressed with their experience and technical knowledge. Still there’s always a risk that the proposed set-up might not give us what we needed so the free demo. was key. This gave me total confidence that our money would be well-spent and that the installation would deliver a professional video conferencing service.”

Pricing was another main issue and Louise had to work within a fixed budget. “The budget was already signed off and I knew it was tight, so I had to negotiate a good deal. Meritec was able to come in just within the budget so from an operational perspective that made it easier to go with their quote.”

Flexible Approach

Overall Storyful is delighted with the investment and with the service offered by Meritec. “The guys were very flexible and good to deal with and the solution is working exactly as we wanted it to. When it was installed initially the sound level wasn’t just right but I was able to get technical support and we got it sorted out. Overall I’m delighted with the service and the competitive pricing.”