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Benefits of Video Conferencing in Education

The Benefits of Video Conferencing in Education

As the school year kicks off again and we are still in the midst of the Covid 19 global pandemic, schools and parents alike are looking at options to ensure kids can get the benefit of effective “at home” learning. While inevitably there were a lot of growing pains as people first adapted to remote learning by now we are all getting more comfortable with remote working and learning.

So it’s a good time to look at the advantages of learning through video conferencing – especially since its here to stay regardless of what happens with Covid into the future.


1.      Collaboration

Whether it’s between students or teachers or both, these days the use of video conferencing can make collaboration faster and easier than previous tech allowed. Students can use video conferencing tech to collaborate on classwork or projects as they can instantly interact with those in their assigned groups.

Teachers can make great use out of video conferencing to collaborate amongst each other to share teaching techniques and brainstorm on how to tackle communal problems. What’s most interesting about this is that teachers can branch out to neighbouring schools and share thoughts and ideas that they may not have shared previously so access to shared learning has definitely increased in recent times.

This could even be taken a step further to introduce collaboration between students of neighbouring schools or maybe even on the other side of the globe – the sky is the limit with video conferencing! You would be surprised by how beneficial it can be for young minds to step outside of their bubble and experience different ways of thinking or doing things.


2.      Better Access to Education

While this may not always be an issue among students in big cities, in more rural areas it can be quite a journey for students to even get to their school every morning. Not to mention the choice of schools can be much more limited, with maybe only one school serving an entire region. By taking learning online these issues can become a thing of the past.

No more long commutes and with geography no longer being a factor it is completely possible from a tech perspective for students to enrol in schools outside of their county – this previously couldn’t have even be considered and now that it is possible, it’s probably only a matter of time before it becomes a reality for some –  in one shape or another.


3.      Recorded Lessons

Pretty much every video conferencing tool offers the ability to record sessions. What this means is that teachers can create a library of all of their lessons which can be easily accessed by their students.

This can act as a great resource for students who want to refresh on any topics that they are struggling with and maybe didn’t fully understand the first time around. Not to mention any students who may have been unwell or on holidays and missed the original lesson. Whatever the situation no longer will students have to feel as though they missed out if they didn’t catch a lesson or couldn’t grasp it quickly, as they will have all of their previous lessons at their fingertips.

This also offers teachers the added bonus of being able to review their previous lessons and identify what worked well and areas that they could tweak for future lessons. And of course they can re-use recorded lessons, making for a more efficient use of teaching time.


4.      Bring Experts into the Classroom

Through the use of video conferencing it has never been easier to introduce your students to experts in anything and everything to supplement their learning. Just think how much more engaged students would be in class if they knew they were about to get a personalised talk from say an astronaut… – This is not an exaggeration, NASA offers the possibility to have an astronaut come and talk to your class!

Well this is now possible and at a fraction of the price of what traditional speakers would have cost when you take into account having to pay for travel expenses, maybe even accommodation etc. While talking to an astronaut from NASA is incredible, it doesn’t even need to be that extravagant. Through video conferencing you can introduce students to expert chefs, athletes, scientists, historians and more – enriching their learning through real life people.


5.      Better Understanding of Students Needs

In a class of 25 or sometimes more it can be almost impossible for teachers to get one on one time with each and every student. With the help of video conferencing teachers can schedule quick individual check ins with each student to allow them to understand where they are at with their learning, what they are struggling with or maybe they are bored and need extra material to expand on their learning.

This is an invaluable resource that unfortunately has just been challenging to achieve in the traditional school setting to date. Remote learning and the accessibility that video conferencing brings offers up an easier route for teachers to better understand their students and tailor their lessons around what they really need to be able to achieve.


6.      Parent-Teacher relationships

The value of having a good level of communication between parents and teachers can not be overstated. The sharing of knowledge and understanding of each individual childs situation can ensure they are getting their learning needs met.

In the traditional school parent-teacher conference set-up it usually only occurs once or twice a year and can be difficult when school/work schedules collide. However, with the use of video conferencing a lot of these barriers are no longer an issue as no travel is needed and they can be scheduled as often as necessary and to suit the schedule of all involved.


7.      Virtual School Trips

While this may not be as fun as a real-world school trip can be, using video conferencing school trips can become a lot more frequent and cost effective!

Nowadays a lot of museums and attractions offer a virtual tour which can be a great way to educate students and break up the monotony of lessons. One of the biggest challenges whether it be in the classroom or online is keeping students engaged and what better way then to supplement their text books with a trip to the museum or even the pyramids! You can even reach out to whatever place you think would benefit your students learning and ask for a behind the scenes live tour.

With the use of video conferencing you can take students to places anywhere in the world that wouldn’t have been possible in the traditional classroom setting!



Need help getting set up?

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