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Barco’s Virtual Classroom unlocks the full potential of remote learning

Virtual Classroom

In the current climate where remote learning is essential, educators across the globe have found new and innovative ways to reach their students. One such tool is the WeConnect, cloud-based SaaS solution and it is revolutionising how we think about virtual learning.

The first institution to adopt this technology was IESE Business School in Barcelona at the end of 2018. Thanks to the feedback of customers like them, weConnect was able to expand its active learning possibilities with the launch of the Virtual Classroom. This is in addition to the many other applications this technology has already been used in such as connected classrooms, premium huddle spaces, collaboration rooms and lecture halls. Offered as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), the subscription-based business model offers customers the flexibility to expand easily and to control their expenses in balance with their actual needs.


The Virtual Classroom

The Virtual Classroom is not simply a large conference call as comes to mind but in fact, it’s an entirely new learning and teaching environment. It allows for participants to interact, communicate, view and discuss topics or presentations and engage with learning resources, working individually or collaborating in groups. This new format and level of interactivity has changed the game in terms of the remote learning experience. With this software you can facilitate live teaching to a remote group maintaining the attention span and enhancing engagement of participants.

In a Virtual Classrooms, teachers can interact and engage with their students as if in a traditional classroom setting, the big difference being their students may now be located anywhere in the globe. The teacher can share video files, host live chats, share interactive learning activities, and incorporate instant feedback from the students. Students can engage with their learning materials as they never have before with integrated interactivity features like interactive polls and quizzes, silent questions and collaborative whiteboards delivered via a user-friendly browser interface. The live lessons with interactive features act to recreate the face-to-face learning experience we are all used to… just with a major tech update!

The intuitive and engaging learning environment the Virtual classroom offers is enabling teachers to interact with remote students in a one of a kind and natural way.


IESE’s Experience

As early adopters of the first next generation scalable and affordable virtual classroom which enables truly effective remote face to face learning, IESE offers us all a glimpse of its potential. In their case, designed to host up to 80 people to connect in synchronous sessions from anywhere in the world, in high quality and with an audio-visual production similar to a broadcast production.

Students and educators of IESE alike have reacted positively to this new learning style and environment. IESE professor, Evgeny Káganer observes “The surprise is that we’re participating in a conversation, and that conversation is flowing, that conversation is natural, that conversation involves many different people, and these are all the characteristics of an interaction that we would expect only from a face-to-face experience”.


If you’re considering something similar for your school get in contact with us to learn how we can get you set up to meet all of your audio-visual needs.