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AV Tech Trends for Second Half of 2019

av tech trends

The first four months of the year have flown by! We thought it’d be a good time to take stock and see what exciting trends are taking place in the world of AV for the remainder of the year.

AV tech evolves quickly and continues to make big leaps forward in terms of quality, efficiency and performance. Here’s some AV trends we’ve identified that are likely to influence the industry over the course of 2019……

LED – 3 Simple Letters with a Big Impact

LED is certainly not a new technology in the world of AV but the advances in LED technology, coupled with much lower prices are keeping it front and centre in digital displays for meeting rooms and collaboration spaces.

LED Video Walls

Thinner and more advanced LED module panels now join together to create innovatively shaped video walls that deliver a stunning effect.

Significant improvements in the way in which the panels now slot together helps to create a seamless display. Video wall can produce high-resolution colour and deliver a brand message and rich media content to a target audience of any size.

Standalone LED walls are starting to be used in very creative ways that engage an audience and deliver fully immersive experiences. LED video panels built into curved tunnelled passageways can take your customers on exciting journey as they move around cleverly designed parts of your premises.

LED walls are simple to put together, versatile in terms of the shapes and sizes that can be created and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

We fully expect them to continue being popular for the rest of 2019 and long into the future.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR & AR)

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are becoming more common within the AV technology landscape.

VR headsets have crept into lots of locations: events, exhibitions and even homes. VR allows organisations the opportunity to create fully immersive digital worlds for their customers or potential customers to explore. The cost of implementing VR is dropping which means that it’s becoming possible for smaller businesses to utilise.

VR is a more popular technology right now, but it’s quite possible that we’re going to see a big growth in AR as the year goes by……

Time for Augmented Reality (AR)??

AR apps have started to pop up for download on mobile devices. Almost everyone now owns either a smartphone, tablet or both and AR is at our fingertips as soon as the app has been installed. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities that organisations can exploit and experiment with.

Augmented Reality can be used in every industry: hospitality, tourism, healthcare, education, retail……

The development of bespoke AR apps will of course need a big investment, but as demand for the technology grows, the price of development should drop – helping to remove barriers for businesses to get on board.

Hologram Effect

It might sound a little futuristic, but the developments in holographic projector technology and falling prices are bringing the future to the here and now.

In the past, projectors have found it difficult to produce hologram effects in anything other than dark spaces. However, today’s projectors are much more advanced and holograms have been refined significantly so that that they’re now a viable option to use in conferences, live events and exhibitions.

The scope for holograms is extremely big and they represent an exciting opportunity for commercial interests to explore in the coming years…

There’s so much going on with AV tech, it’ll be interesting to discover what the ‘next big thing’ is that allows your business to reach and engage your audience in new and exciting ways. We’ll certainly be on the lookout!

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