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How AV Tech has Changed Workplace Culture


Meeting Room


Not so long ago the corporate demands for AV were pretty straight-forward. In fact, just a few years back most office set ups required little more than setting up a projector and a few microphones or a sound system for a handful of meeting rooms. However, step into today and the complexity of business requirements – and the tech needed to meet them – is beyond anything we might have even imagined a few years ago.  But the good news is that suppliers like Meritec have expanded our skillsets, services and products to help customers get the right solution; and most importantly – one they can use easily.


AV pros are becoming UX designers, managing the experience of both guests and employees alike through AV equipment, digital signage, huddle spaces and other meeting room behind-the-scenes essentials like the networking and controls needed to ensure everything integrates and runs smoothly. In todays offices, the management of the flow of sound and data is a fundamental element in getting work done.


Let’s not forget about the dramatic shift in logistics in how people are working today. Gone are the days of employees simply entering the building, finding the spot they will occupy for the next 8+ hours, and then leave, rinse and repeat. People are now working from anywhere and everywhere. AV is helping to usher in the new era of remote working, hot desking and flextime. However, no matter where the employee is working from, they need access to clear communication. They need to be able to access the sound and data they will be working on just as they would if they were working from a desk within the corporate office.



On a similar note, AV is enabling collaboration like we’ve never seen it before. You can see this in the focus given to conference rooms, open collaboration spaces and smaller huddle rooms which are dotted around the modern office space. You can see this more and more now that the cost of flat panel displays has reduced making these critical collaboration tools much more financially accessible. With the correct AV set up there are more opportunities for employees to work together on shared projects then ever before.


User Interface

Often the introduction of new technologies can be intimidating as employees must navigate all these new tech interactions. However, in today’s hectic work live there is no time to waste in overcomplicated systems that employees struggle to adopt. For this reason, integrators have stepped up, understanding the need for intuitive design and the input of the end-user in developing and implementing these tech-intensive AV projects.


Nobody wants to spend half their day calling IT to help set up their presentation. So, a piece of equipment that is over-complicated but “technically working” is no longer the acceptable standard. Simple is best! We expect that the equipment we use at work to be easy to install, easy to work with and actually fun to interact with.


Ok, so big strides in technology and high expectations from end-users have brought us to this point, so where do we go from here?


What Happens Next?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping us understand how users, and in this case your employees, are interacting with AV-enhanced environments, so we can tailor those experiences to meet the user needs and bring your company into the fold of the latest – and best- way of working.


On a human scale, the evolution of how we work and how we collaborate is far from over! Companies are completely rethinking the way they work and the way they meet and AV has a role in every single aspect of that. This was a major trend in 2019 that shows no signs of slowing down.


AV tech has played a pivotal role in how the workplace has changed over the past decade. How will you be using AV to upgrade your company and transform your workplace culture?


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