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AV Outdoors: 5 Things to Consider

AV outdoors

Over the past 12 month we’re seeing a radical increase in the number of high-quality AV installations being implemented outdoors. Innovations in this area mean there’s plenty of options for your business to consider in terms of highly effective design for outdoor AV.

In the past, outdoor AV used to be mostly used by commercial businesses like bars and restaurants, but now it is common it public spaces, where it can be used highly effectively for a variety of purposes.

If you’re planning on introducing an outdoor setup to your business here’s a few things for you to consider….

The Weather

Weatherproof AV solutions are becoming more readily available and accessible across different price points – believe it or not they can even withstand Irish weather! These days, AV equipment is built to cope with just about everything mother nature throws it.

When placing AV outdoors, it’s important to know the difference between waterproof and water resistant. If your sensitive AV equipment is likely to be subject to direct precipitation, fully waterproof equipment is the only choice. If hardware and equipment is under a roofed area, and only in danger of collateral damage from minor precipitation, water resistant equipment should be fine. It is important that you have the conversation with your AV installation company early in the design process.

Another weather-related element for you to think about is direct sunlight. If the design layout calls for a display being placed in direct sunlight, it might impact the system specification as you’ll need equipment that can withstand sun exposure and heat and still display correctly so that the viewers can enjoy clarity in terms of the visuals.

Seamless Installation

Find an AV setup that fits into the overall aesthetic you’re trying to create in your outdoor space. Wiring needs to be tucked away, installed correctly, and preferably with its own dedicated circuit for the outdoor locations.

Thoughtful Layout

In addition to weather considerations as outlined above, outdoor AV solutions have a number of other considerations to address – over and above what might be considered for an indoor project.  For example, sound travels quite differently outdoors. To create the most balanced sound and optimal visual impact – planning in advance is critical. Think about the various light sources and the landscape you are working with.

A thoughtful layout will mean collaborating with architects, designers and AV specialists to be confident of achieving the best possible results.

Distributed AV

Another consideration is whether you are creating a completely separate AV system for the outdoors, or implementing something that will be a part of a larger distributed system for both indoors and out? With distributed AV you can manage your indoor and outdoor AV effectively and create one audio experience for one area, indoors, and another for the outside. Distributed AV breaks open the experience beyond one room – potentially to the entire premises.


Finally you will need to look into security – outdoor AV needs to be stored and secured in a robust, safe manner. What can you do to help keep large screens and other expensive components on the premises safe? If you have a a security system installed, you might do some reconfiguration to consider the valuable assets now on the exterior of your premises. And make sure correct protocols are in place for securing outdoor areas after business hours. It’s common sense but a good procedures offer the best protections.

If you have any questions on an AV setup don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

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