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AV Design Matters in Every Industry

AV design bar restaurant hotel

We’ve has been there at one stage or another – the restaurant or bar with screens of every size and description – on every possible flat surface. It’s supposed to feel vibrant, but in fact is more likely to turn customers away. Well-designed AV installations can make all the difference and allow your customers to enjoy their experience when visiting your business.

AV design has come on in leaps and bounds and moved from the conference room to the hotel lobby and bedroom, the table at your favourite bar or restaurant to the waiting room at the hospital. Consumers are now well used to see high quality AV everywhere they go. No matter the industry high quality AV in being embraced. More and more, smart design has become just as impoertant as the technical aspects of your setup.

Design thinking is a fundamental element of good product design and has now spilled over into AV insatllations. For example, If a restaurant or bar just pops up their digital screens without a design approach in mind, customers will find other venues to watch big sporting events in. Good design can no longer be an afterthought and when you marry it with state of the art tech your customers will love you for it!

Let’s take a look at how AV design is making a big impact….

AV in Restaurants & Bars

AV is becoming more popular in the restaurant world. For example, self-service kiosks are now common place in fast food and fast-casual dining establishments such as McDonalds.

Perhaps digital menu boards are a good fit for your restaurant? Digital menus are easier to read than the traditional menu boards and being used more frequently, so the opportunity to get a head of the game is there.

Customer experience is important, but so is ease of use. Implementing a digital menu and kiosk program means your restaurant now has digital signage that can be changed quickly, transitioning from menu to menu depending on the time of day or day of the week. You’ll be easily able to advertise specials or promotions as and when required.

In any fast-paced restaurant or bar environment, the simpler the control panel interface, the better. Systems that use an iPad for quick changes to menu boards, music or visuals will help your team get back to serving customers without any delays.

AV in Hospitals   

AV design in hospitals is changing the way patients experience a visit and the way staff interact with each other. Hospitals tend to be a bit of a maze of corridors and waiting rooms. Patients and their loved ones are under stress especially as they first enter the buidling. Digital signage is very useful for wayfinding and provides a clearer picture of where a visitor or patient needs to go.

A digital display in a waiting room can provide patients with useful relative information and help pass the time whilst waiting to be seen by staff.

Educational Institutes  & AV

Over the past 24 months we have seen a big increase in universities and schools upgrading their AV setups. User-centered design is very much a part of the referbs in the education space.

Colleges campuses are now integrating flat panel displays and video walls in common areas to keep the flow of information moving. To make this work successfully it is critical that data is transferred from distant parts of campus without any interruption. The interface to change messages needs to be accessible and user friendly so whatever department needs it, from student life, to recruitment the systems should work correctly. Drag and drop configuration tools are becoming the norm, which is great for usability.


AV design in the hospitality sector has nearly endless possibilities. For example, cruise lines and holiday resorts are using AV technology to enhance their guests experience. Cleverly placed touchscreens can help guests book dinner reservations, appointments at the spa, or even a yoga session.

Once again, design is key, with all the various of signals, routing and controls running unnoticed in the background.

Design is playing an ever-increasing role in AV. Now more than ever, a well designed setup can help your business shine through.