Sound Masking

Sound MaskingSound Masking is an innovative technology that most of the population will understand. Unlike other ad-hoc methods of sound masking such as playing a radio or other background noise, active sound masking creates a consistent and inconspicuous sound that masks other sound in the area.

The benefits are numerous and include creating a more productive work place as well as greater confidentiality for spaces such as clinics and doctors’ offices. We provide sound masking solutions for companies across Ireland. Key Manufactures we work with include Cambridge Sound Management and Networked Sound Masking from Dynasound. Contact us for a quote today.

Meritec provide comprehensive Sound Masking installation services to all business types.

We use Qt Quiet technology Sound Masking systems developed by Cambridge Sound Management for our Sound Masking installations. These systems provide plug and play sound masking solutions for simple operation in a cost effective package.

Working closely with clients, Meritec will carry out a comprehensive survey of the premises to identify the optimal solution. An in depth proposal is then drawn up and presented to the client for evaluation.

Sound Masking Made Simple

Qt Quiet technology works by producing a type of “white noise” that effectively dilutes other noise occurring in the masked area. With a sound similar to the whirring of a fan the sound masking technology works to make human speech less intelligible and thereby reduce the distraction it causes. It also reduces disturbance caused by background noise from factors such as air conditioning systems.

Sound Masking technology can provide direct savings through reducing requirements for insulating equipment such as high cubicle partitions. Where passive sound absorbing products are in use such as ceiling tiles Sound Masking technology dramatically improves their effectiveness.

The Sound Masking system is made up of a central control unit and a number of transmitters placed around the area to be masked. These emitters are laid out so as to provide complete coverage in the desired area and avoid creating hotspots where the masking noise may become noticeable due to overlap.

Sound Masking improves Quietness, Privacy and Productivity with one simple Package.


  • The system is ideal for offices particularly with large open plan spaces where noise can come from anywhere and can be incredibly distracting.
  • In modern buildings with many flat, hard, glass and metal surfaces noise reflects and builds up more easily. Sound masking counteracts this effect.
  • It can create a better working environment in businesses such as call or support centres where conversational noise is constant.
  • Conversely in quiet spaces such as libraries, a single noise can be distracting against the quiet, Sound Masking diminishes that effect.


  • Not only does sound masking make conversation unintelligible so as not to be a distraction but it also prevents the content of that conversation from being overheard.
  • In Doctor’s offices, clinics, waiting rooms and schools, where personal information may be exchanged sound masking prevents this information being overheard.
  • Legal offices, Banks and other businesses where confidential details may be discussed can use sound masking so that these details are not inadvertently shared.


  • Concentration is dramatically improved which directly contributes to improved worker performance and fewer mistakes.
  • It creates a more pleasant environment for employees, maximising the benefits of other measures such as decor.
  • Workers are more relaxed without continuous distractions creating a more amiable work environment and minimising discord.

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