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Extron audioFor lots of rooms the audio required is fairly basic. Simple speakers matched to the correct amp and a standard conference phone installed correctly will give you a good solution.

But in some rooms (Conference/Boardrooms) the standard conference phone or video system is Not sufficient

For rooms of this nature, we can commission a solution such as the Polycom SoundStructure C-Series which is an installed audio solution that delivers a truly immersive audio experience for both voice and video conferences. You can rely on it to provide high-performance voice conferencing for nearly any type of room—from standard-size conference rooms and boardrooms to the largest training centers and classrooms.

With the correct Digital Audio solution you will get clear, immersive sound, so your video and voice conferences are more productive.

See the video to see how Sound Structure makes a difference to the audio quality.

We have and extensive array of solutions form different manufactures to provide you with the right solution, our key providers include BSS Soundweb, BIAMP, Extron BSS & Clear one


We have the full range of Microphones for all rooms types both wired and wireless from Seinnheiser. If you need a Delegate Mic system see our system from Brahler by clicking here.

Wall Mounted speakersSpeakers

We have a full range of ceiling speakers, Powered speakers and high end speakers for small rooms to large auditoriums.

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