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Audio Visual Solutions for the Modern Office

Audio Visual Solutions for the Modern Office

One of the key areas that we provide solutions for is the corporate office sector. We have fit out offices for some of Ireland’s leading organisations. It is important for modern offices to be fitted out with the latest audio visual solutions. Organisations and their client’s can both benefit from the latest technology and innovations through improve communications flow and improved decision making. Let’s look at the solutions we can offer:

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing allows you to do business internationally from the comfort of your office. Video conferencing technology connects your office or boardroom to other participants located worldwide. Meetings can be conducted at the touch of a button and without the participants having to leave your office. After the initial investment, video conferencing will save your business time and money as you won’t have to travel long distances for meetings.


Projectors are the ideal audio visual solution for presenting sales pitches and presentations to clients. They provide a visual experience unrivalled by other technology. Complex topics can be explained more easily through this visual medium. Find out more about our projectors here.

Interactive Whiteboards

Team learning is a vital for most organisations.  Some of the best and most creative ideas are created in the team meeting environment. Interactive whiteboards can also be used by organisations to help with their own team development and upskilling. This solution can facilitate the educational experience in a corporate environment.

No matter what your audio visual requirement is, Meritec has you covered. We have unsurpassed experience in the AV industry and have a highly trained team to advice on your requirements. If you want to learn more about our corporate office audio visual solutions why not talk with one of our team? Simply call us on 01 281 2790 or email us at

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