Conference Room

Conference RoomThe conference room is probably a place where major decisions about the direction of your business are made and important information is shared with key people in the company. It’s also a showcase for the organisation and a public display of where your business stands at any moment in time.

Meritec has installed Conference Room Audio Visual solutions across a wide variety of organisations in Ireland including

  • Multi-nationals
  • Council Chambers
  • Government Agencies
  • Financial Services Companies
  • Irish Corporates

Conference RoomDesigning an Integrated System

The most effective results come when the room is designed from the very beginning to incorporate conference room technologies in a seamless and dynamic way.

Meritec provides clients with comprehensive design and project management services to create the most productive conference rooms possible.Our design specialists work with architects, contractors and facilities management teams to develop a complete, integrated Audio Visual conference room solution.

Latest Technologies

A number of the core elements of an AV system are outlined below however there are many more recent facilities in conference rooms that are becoming increasingly popular and these include;

Wireless Connectivity & Collaboration Tools

Conference RoomWireless connectivity in a conference room typically involves connecting one or multiple devices to the internet wirelessly with the facility to display and share relevant content with people both in the conference room and with those participating remotely. Collaboration tools enable participants to take an interactive part in the meetings. This is an area of specialist expertise for Meritec and we work with premium suppliers to deliver appropriate solutions for businesses across Ireland.

Delegate Mic Systems

Wireless delegate microphones enable participative sessions and it’s feasible for each delegate to have his/her own microphone, where required. Access to use these can be controlled centrally.


Lecture HallGlobal audiences can be facilitated to view your conference live with high definition quality streaming solutions. This broadens the reach of your conference and by recording the stream, an accurate record of the content can be archived for future access and distribution.

Electronic Voting Systems

Delegates at the conference can be provided with units which enable them to instantly (and anonymously where required) vote on proposals put forward at the conference. This engages the audience and offers instant results. It also improves productivity. Meritec has installed these systems in a variety of facilities including Council Chambers.

In many ways the conference room is the engine of your business, driving projects forward, fuelling enterprise. So it’s essential that it’s installed with an appropriate audio visual conferencing solution, seamlessly integrated to allow your operations to run smoothly and without disruption. See below for the components that Meritec can help specify, source and install for you, based on your unique requirements in terms of room size and functionality.

EircomDisplay Type

Depending on room size and orientation, there are a number of displays that work well in a conference room setting. One of the most important considerations is ensuring that the size of the display is appropriate to the size of the room. The nature of the display must also be suitable to the function it’s going to perform. Displays in conference rooms typically include

  • A Flat Panel Display or
  • A Projector and Screen

Occasionally an Interactive Whiteboard/Smart Board is installed where appropriate.

Cable Management

Cable ManagementWith a wide range of connectivity it is important to ensure that connecting cables do not become a problem. Many cables running around a room are distracting and inhibit free movement around the room.

One of the main influencing factors on cabling is where the presenter is to be positioned and also whether there is to be multiple presenters. The position of podiums obviously is a key influence on planning for cabling and podiums can have integrated microphones. Often a rack system will be used to manage the active systems in the room.

Architectural connectivity and cable management provide solutions that allow for maximum connectivity with minimum mess. Inventive and elegant cable management systems allow for mobile devices to be connected without causing disruption while merging seamlessly with the room design.

Control Panels

While having a range of technologies improves productivity and collaboration, they can cause disruption if not easily controlled. Control panels provide comprehensive control over the various technologies from a single or multiple devices.

Touch panel controls are useful where there are multiple in-put/out-put devices. Push button controls are a less expensive alternative and the choice is really down to the budget and the requirement. Meritec can guide you on the best option, given your needs.


The quality of the audio visual technology that is integrated into the conference room is crucial – a robust high quality system is essential to disperse sound efficiently. There are many options available to facilitate this such as recess speakers, wall mounted units etc.

Other Considerations

There are additional influences that will define the Conference Room Audio Visual solution that’s most appropriate for your space, such as switching, scaling and multiple commentary(?) however many of these considerations require expert input and this is where Meritec can bring our expertise to bear – raising all the technical options in the light of your business needs – to plan not just for your requirements right now but for what may be needed in the future.

Talk to us to learn more.

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