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NCTE Projector Framework

NCTE Projector Framework Projector Screen School MeritecWithin the NCTE Projector Framework we will provide you with the selected projector mounted to the wall above the screen / whiteboard. The projector will then project on to an existing standard whiteboard or a screen or an interactive whiteboard.

We install trunking and connect to local power outlet and install a professional wall plate what will allow your teachers to simply connect their laptops or Desk Tops with a VGA cable to the wall plate and project their laptop image on to the screen/whiteboard.

Two 15 Watt speakers are connected allowing you to control volume through the projectors remote control.

Classroom Audio

We have selected a suitable audio solution for your classrooms. It is important that your students can hear clearly what is being presented. We have selected a tried and trusted Classroom audio solution.

NCTE Projector Framework - Projector Screen Audio Solutions for Schools by Meritec

  • Classroom audio system
  • Output 15 watts per speaker
  • 2 audio inputs, one each for PC and DVD
  • Volume control is through the projector remote control and also through a hard wired control that sits attached to the wall

Wall Plate

Teachers will simply connect their laptop or desktop with a VGA cable to the wall plate and project their laptop image on to the screen/ whiteboard.

 NCTE Projector Framework - Projector Screen Accessories for Schools by Meritec

  • USB connection for use with an interactive whiteboard now or in the future.
  • VGA Connection for your Laptop
  • audio input to allow audio to run from your Laptop through the installed speakers.
  • If you are connecting to a PC add a Splitter cable to see the image on your desk top Monitor and on the projected Image.

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