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Amping up AV over IP with HDMI and HDBaseT over IP

V over IP with HDMI -board-boardroom-260689

Passing tones of visual data through bandwidth and on to high quality screens with no issues has become an expectation for staff. AV over IP has played a significant role in creating and managing this expectation.

AVoIP continues to grow and evolve, HDMI over IP is also improving. HDMI over IP connections, along with related HDBaseT over IP, are the driving force that’s amping up the AVoIP space.

Next generation HDMI over IP products have arrive and causing quite a stir! Take a look at the Top 10 Digital Signage Solutions from InfoComm 2018 to see for yourself.

HDMI over IP Features

HDMI over IP extender features:

  • Management can be done via an app which runs the whole system.
  • Location finder enabling different devices in different rooms to be easily located throughout the building.
  • A visual representation of the room on the controlling app: a floor plan, birds-eye view, or actual picture of room.
  • Icons that represent display sets in the room, with light blue color indicating each set of devices you can connect with.
  • Can extend the local audio and video transmission up to 100m over Cat5e/6.
  • Supports SPDIF (TosLink) Audio Out (RX).
  • 2CH audio insert (TX), and 2CH audio extract (RX).
  • RS232 and Directional IR for remote control of end-devices.

HDMI over IP and HDBaseT over IP

HDMI over IP makes it possible to have low to zero latency issues while providing rich and high video quality.

These two related technologies have been used by organisations for quite a long time, but we are now seeing them go from strength to strength.

HDMI over IP applications for shorter range and for use on HDMI is mainly used to connect up high-definition media players, PCs, high-definition televisions and projectors. HDBaseT over IP is used to transmit HDMI signals over longer distances.

Moving Towards a HDMI and HDBaseT over IP Future

Reseach by Cisco recently found that video traffic will make up approximately 802% of consumer internet traffic by 2020. When you consider that over 500 hours of video are uploadd to YouTube every minute the need to utilise HDMI as a way of sending high definition video certainly exists and is growing.

Often it can be difficult to look at all the lasts tech and fully understand what is revolutionary and useful. However, the hunger of adding high definition, with and instant connection, wherever that you happen to be in the building, with zero latency, these HD over IP solutions must be at the ready.

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