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A Note on Audio Visual Systems


If your company is Global or even Regional hosting meeting through video or audio conferencing can be a way of communicating with your partners or clients that will save you time and money.

Audio visual is also being heavily integrated into the academic world with many lectures and seminars now being conducted online and through conferencing technology.

Even the creative industry have live performances and plays being broadcast using audio visual equipment. Audio visual technologies are tools that are used to convey information. There are several inputs used such as projectors, plasma/LCD TV’s, microphones and various other forms. Depending on what kind of information you want to portray to the end user, there are various methods of application such as DVD’s and video imaging, multimedia or laser/ holograms.


Of course, there’s no point having state of the art equipment unless you’re well versed in how to use them. So if you want to convey your reports or demos in the best manner, you should understand how to design a presentation using different  applications.

The best way to learn is to read the manuals, talk to your installers or find other books (of which there is an abundance) written in this area. And you have the world’s biggest library at your finger tips in the shape of the internet. By typing the name of your portal into any search engine, you will easily find many visual/written/audio pod casts demonstrations of how to best utilise your equipment. In fact, there are some great sites with simple, well constructed step-by-step guides on how to create and design your own templates for your presentations. Here is a guide to get you started with Powertpoint presentations for example.

As AV methods are almost becoming the industry norm, there are many helpful forums out there online that you can join. The good thing about forums is that you are in open communication with other users where you can share tips and tricks and how to best capitilise on the full capabilities of your equipment. Have a look at Audio Visual section and AVForums for more information.

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