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How 5G will Change AV Tech

How 5G will Change AV Tech This Year

5G is here – well almost here! 2019 is the year where we’ll begin to see 5G rolling out, with mobile and 5G expected to begin arriving in Ireland in the second half of the year. In fact, we got our first taste of 5G back at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. In case you missed out on all the hype, here’s a bit of what to expect in the new 5G networked environment: Samsung’s VP Strategy and Business Development & Marketing (phew!) Alok Shah recently said, “thanks to sub-millisecond air latency, the network will feel instantly responsive while simultaneously supporting ten times as many devices at significantly lower power consumption profiles.”

It’s very exciting times for lovers of AV. Here’s a few things to get you thinking around design, solutions, and the big opportunities the 5G rollout can bring to your business…..

5G Solutions

5G technology means that fast connections will be possible on the move. Your team won’t have to run around looking for good WiFi network connections. The high speeds will travel with them along cellular networks. This makes services available in locations where fast networks were not in existence before, so collaboration can happen almost anywhere.

You and you’re team will be able to carry out video conferencing with other team members or clients much more conveniently. Connections will be faster and experience far less latency so less disruption and less headaches.

AR and VR applications will continue to progress and become more commonplace as they are included in applications such as VR conferencing. 5G networks will allow more of this augmented reality to be possible without time lag.

A whole new world of possibilities could open before our eyes. For example, architects may be able to quickly and easily project a 3D rendering at a conference table from the comfort of their own office.

AV Opportunities

Digital Signage

Low latency improvements present some big opportunities right away for digital signage. With instantaneous facial recognition, geofencing ad applications possible as 5G coverage increases.

Improved Remote Collaboration

Tech companies are continuing to launch new innovative collaboration products, for example Microsoft’s new Surface Hub 2.  When 5G is in full swing, solutions such as these will bring remote collaboration to a whole new level of Wow!

The Wrap Up

With travel and remote work becoming increasingly popular, audio and video conferencing is now a critcal factor to an organisation’s success.  5G will make communication flow far more seamless. 5G means team members will be using their mobile devices to join in on meetings from anywhere in the world.

If you have any queries about how to get ahead of the 5G game please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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