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5G Technology Will Play a Big Part in AV Advancements

AV Advancements 5g technology

There are few next generation tech advancements more hotly anticipated than 5G. With low latency video conferencing, seamless integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) and connectivity of multiple devices from different locations – it’s exciting times and lots of companies are getting themselves ready for the dawn of 5G technology.

Where 5G is concerned there are many things to consider. It is thought that 5G could have the capability for up to 20Gps of data – sending high quality rich content to flat panel displays, digital signs and mobile devices in a fraction of a second.

5G technology is definitely something to get excited about, especially when you consider it has the potential to send data up to 100 times faster than the current 4G LTE and 10 times faster than some of the best broadband speeds.

According to recent reports Ireland could end up being the first country in Europe to start rolling out 5G – so high quality video streaming could just be around the corner.

The Ethernet Backbone for 5G – 1Gb to 10Gb

With 5G technology imminent many businesses are starting to plan for the shift. One of the big decisions to make is whether to go with 1Gb or 10Gb ethernet. Quite a few companies are choosing 10Gb as they are taking a long-term view on the decision.

Going with a 10Gb framework requires a little bit more investment so a cost benefit analysis between the two is advisable. 1Gb can deliver video quality close to 10Gb, although the capacity will be limited, compared with the 10Gb option.

However, whichever setup is selected, your staff will be able to take part in high definition video conferencing and collaboration from anywhere – on any device – with far better quality than we have seen up to now.

Where will 5G Make a Big Impact?

There’s a number of areas where we expect to see 5G make a massive difference once it has been rolled out.

One area that will certainly be able to take advantage of 5G is digital signage. Facial recognition and geofencing, where software can trigger a response on the digital signage when your mobile phone enters a particular area, will allow companies to deliver content that has been created specifically for the person.

If you were to walk past a particular digital sign the super-fast 5G network would be able to spot who you are and call up specific videos, images or ads based on your preferences and social media profiles. It will allow for a very personalised experience in terms of communication and advertising.

Virtual reality is another area that could come on leaps and bounds and in fact become a real thing we use on a daily basis. We could see a surge in virtual reality meetings where collaboration from all corners of the world becomes even more realistic and help boost productivity for businesses. It might seem a little far fetched right now but it wasn’t too long ago that video conferencing seemed futuristic and has now become commonplace.

Are There Security Issues?

Security is certainly a consideration with technology and it isn’t going away anytime soon. 5G networks are not as secure as LAN so companies may need to think carefully about what information they share over the network.

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When you consider the volume of devices that will be connected via 5G and the big increase in bandwidth there will inevitably be some new security challenges to tackle.

Advances that 5G technology will bring to industries such as healthcare and automotive could be revolutionary. With new products such as self-driving cars and advanced med tech there could be increased security issues. Medical identity theft or access to private health records will increase the opportunity for cyber-attacks. Smart homes and smart offices will need stronger levels of protection such as biometric identification to stop any unwanted access.

Having a strong privacy policy in place within your organisation will be necessary to help prevent any data breaches and detect any anomalies as soon as they occur.

What About Network Coverage?

Like with current mobile network coverage reliability is a bit of a concern as it does tend to vary from location to location. In places where the service is a bit patchy or in very large buildings it can fall off peak speeds or be unfortunately be completely non-existent.

5G will be no different and will face similar challenges although we have faith that over time things will improve. It will be possible to boost signals, but boosters will need further investment, however the rewards for investing could be make it well worthwhile.

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