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5G is Coming and Will Change AV Technology for Ever!

5G AV Technology

The advent of 5G technology is certain to revolutionise industries right around the world and it will change how people interact and use technology forever. From self-driving cars, to sensors controlling the internet of things – our homes, offices and daily lives will be smarter by the day!

5G technology was heavily featured back at the start of the year at the Mobile World Congress where experts from global leaders and tech companies came together to discuss the latest and most exciting happenings. The sky’s the limits and we’re only really scraping the surface of what will be possible down the line.

AV Needs and Possibilities Will Increase

Enterprises are taking things to the next level and are putting in place measures that will enable them take full advantage of faster speeds and higher quality video. Upgrades include 1Gb or 10Gb ethernet installations that will be able to transmit 4K signals around facilities.

With 5G technologies, there’s the possibility to send 20Gbs of data over mobile connections and this opens up lots of new opportunities – where high-quality video content can be streamed easily.

The Need for Speed

Everybody wants to access the info. they need or content they are interested in – more quickly and one thing that we know for certain is that speeds are going to increase dramatically with 5G.

Faster speeds will allow companies to be less tied down to their physical locations and to take part in video conferencing or participate in collaborative work from anywhere on the planet. This will mean much more flexibility and significant potential to increase productivity.

In a recent article, Ira Brodsky says: “Technologists learned that there are multiple pieces to the telecommuting and remote collaboration puzzles. The networks, end user devices, and applications must all work together to deliver the right user experiences at the right prices.”

Large tech companies are planning well ahead for this new future and they have given us a glimpse into some of the possibilities with collaboration and remote working. Microsoft recently gave us a sneak peek into their meeting room of the future that features 360 camera and mics that can detect each person in the meeting along with transcribing what everyone says. Also, they recently announced their Surface Hub 2, expected in 2019, which is packed full of exciting features that can present data faster and more effectively.

When advancements such as these are supported by 5G, next generation AV Solutions will bring remote collaboration to a new exciting level.

Digital Signage – 5G

With super-fast low latency 5G connectivity we could see a whole new level of personalisation as far as digital signage is concerned. Instant facial recognition or a system that can recognise you by your smartphone or piece of wearable tech would then call up personalised videos, images, messages or advertisements based on your social media profile or other online information and give you a unique and personalised experience.

We have to admit this is very cool but a little bit scary at the same time!!!

AV Integration

With the reality of 5G fast approaching, AV integration will play an important part of bringing all the pieces of the puzzle together.

You’ll no longer have to look for a connection to find the data you need or to present it to people at a conference or meeting it will literally be at your fingertips.

So, what can you do to prepare your company and make the most of these advancements?

One major challenge will be pro-actively encouraging your employees to use the latest available AV tools. Getting your team on board and fully trained will ensure a return on your investment. Existing technology like video conferencing will be faster and experience far less latency, so the tech will become much more enjoyable to use.

Emerging technologies like AR and VR will become more common place and these are areas that you might want to invest it. Working closely with an AV specialist to find out what’s right for your organisation and to find out with will add benefit – and what won’t – will be important to make sure you make the right commercial decisions for your business.

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