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5 Ways BYOD & AV Can Make A Smarter Classroom

Labtops -school BYOD


Although we live in a world full of tech -before the lockdown we know that a lot of classrooms still had the same look and feel as they did prob for centuries! While chalkboards can still be found in almost all classrooms, those that took the leap have often only gone as far as installing a projector or smartboard. What’s often overlooked, is the fact that just about every one of our students is walking around with a smart phone, laptop or tablet to go along with their textbooks. This is especially true right now of course.


Over the past few years, with technology becoming such a day in / day out part of the student life, there has been a lot of discussion on how to make their tech use more beneficial. Now with home schooling- we can see how this can be done so easily!


But when we get back to the classroom, we’ll see exciting new trends emerge such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) The principle behind BYOD is to have the technical AV infrastructure – in and out of the classroom – to allow students and the teacher to connect together – using their own familiar technologies. The seamless connection between the teacher, student and the device leads to better learning in and out of the classroom as the tech allows for students to extend their learning environment by simply connecting from wherever they may be.


Thinking of ways BYOD can make for a smarter classroom – when we do get “back” to the “new normal”?  Here’s 5:


Sharing Content

There are endless resources available to educators today that can benefit in our students learning. With information at our fingertips it can be hard to make the best use of it when students still depend on textbooks, print outs and chalkboards. By introducing BYOD it is easy to provide access to content as well as quickly share content between teachers and students. Since students are already familiar with their own devices, this allows them to quickly and confidently navigate their way through resources and to share relevant information with others.


Control of Room Technology

Time is precious as most educators know, and it can be difficult to make the full use of a class time when you have to disrupt the flow of the lesson to pass out content. Why not make it as quick and simple as pushing a button? Many room control systems and presentation devices can now be set up to be controlled from the teacher’s device. There are applications available for projectors, flat panels and Video Solutions which can be set up simply and securely for easier control and access to the technologies in the room.


Simple Collaboration

While the ability to quickly share content is great, what may be even better is the way in which BYOD can allow groups to collaborate. Group collaboration utilizing their devices can help students to work together to share research, solve problems, create presentations, and drive new ideas. Through BYOD students can be in multiple groups to collaborate across a range of topics or subjects at the same time – with the right AV tech set-up.


Capture and Review

One of the major challenges for learning is and always has been the battle between listening and note taking. Although this has been aided in recent times as educators have been able to file share – this brings other challenges as sharing the presentation or notes with students doesn’t necessarily translate to them fully comprehending the lesson. By allowing students to have access to their devices they can record video or voice notes of the content they find relevant or challenging, which they can later review.


Remote View and Participation

A huge benefit of BYOD is that content can be shared in real time with students wherever they may be. What this means is that students can stay connected and involved even if they may be out sick or away. This is a fantastic way for educators and students to stay connected from anywhere using the tech we are already familiar with.


There are many ways that BYOD can build smarter, more collaborative environments.  To learn how your school can benefit from BYOD get in contact with us.