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5 Tips for your Digital Signage

digital signage tips

Recently added some new digital signage to your business or thinking of getting some?? You’ll want to ensure they make a big splash! With that in mind here’s 5 tips for your digital signage from our expert installation team……

Add them Where the People Are – Think High Traffic Areas

Ok, we understand how this first tip may seem obvious, but it’s still a good thing to keep in mind. You’d be surprised how this can get missed especially when a whole new fit out is taking place.

Digital signs need as many eyes on them as possible to be effective. So, install where the people are be that customers or staff.

Some high traffic areas to consider – entrances, end-caps and island kiosks. The more people that see your messaging, the more that are likely convert into sales.

Increase Engagement as well as Sales

At the end of the day increasing the bottom line will be your ultimate goal, but there’s tones more to digital signage in the retail sector.

Engagement is one very important step in your customers journey, and it can lead to an increase in sales. High end digital signage can play a big part in driving this engagement.

What about providing interactive information on demand at kiosks, where customers can find out more product specifications and other details. This is a far more creative and engaging than reading a simple list of specs.

Digital signage can also be a fantastic way to increase social media interaction. Post a live feed of your Instagram account or other social media platforms. Let customers know about text-in or hashtag special sale campaigns by posting them on in-store displays. Or if you’re running an event share a live feed with the event hashtag so attendees can keep on top of the event.

What about Multiple Displays?

More is better isn’t always the correct approach, but when it comes to digital displays, sometimes you will need to go for the gorgeous high impact resolution that comes from stacking screens.

You can use multiple displays to tell a story or guide a purchase decision over several screens, or you can create a seamless video wall that tells one story at a time.

Digital signage being introduced to retail situations is not the time to think small.

Off the Floor

You won’t want to give away any of that valuable floor space for displaying your products. There are some ways around this and also an opportunity to reach customers whichever way their eyes might turn….. Sometimes the best way to catch a person’s attention is to get them to look up!
Hanging a display from the ceiling is now quite easy when using the right mounting solutions.
This approach means you can keep valuable your floor space uncluttered while still having a rich and engaging channel to communicate with customers and influence purchasing decisions.

Employee Engagement

Digital signage is a fantastic way to and engage employees and keep them up to date with the latest company news.

You might include reminders of current and upcoming sales or events taking place. You could also share information on products and sales strategies.

There’s lots of ways to use digital signage and these are just a few tips to keep in mind. If you would like any help or more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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