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5 interactive displays revolutionising Ireland’s schools

New technology – like interactive projectors, whiteboards, computer tablets and wireless remotes – are enabling teachers to use more stimulating and dynamic mediums in the classroom.

Let’s take a closer look at these interactive technologies and their classroom applications…

  1. The Interactive Projector and Projection Screen – the cumbersome projectors of yesteryear have given way to compact, stylish devices which can be installed seamlessly into the classroom. An interactive projector and screen integrates software which allows students to view any kind of media on the screen, navigating intuitively through content and making annotations where needed.
  2. Interactive Whiteboards – also known as Smart Boards, interactive whiteboards allow students to interact with content using a finger, pen or stylus. The intuitive touch screen capability lets the user write, erase, draw or perform mouse functions on the screen and is an innovative solution for classrooms where direct student participation is encouraged.
  3. Ebeam Interactive Whiteboard Surface – the Ebeam is a low cost portable tool which can transform any flat surface into an interactive display. Simply attach the Ebeam to any flat surface, aim the projector and that’s it! The system is light-weight and easy to use.
  4. Voting Systems – interactive remotes using Smart Response technology provide students with a direct connection to the instructor in larger, more crowded learning environments. Each student is given a remote that allows them to take surveys and quizzes and provide instant feedback. The remote lets students notify a teacher if they are having trouble and comes in useful for learning environments where the teacher doesn’t have a direct line of sight with students
  5. Fizzbook – this hand-held device is a small netbook with interactive screen that is capable of displaying advanced education software and allows the user to click, scroll, touch and tap in their instructions. The wireless device can be connected to a network of computers so teachers can interact with the content.

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