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4 Benefits of Creating a Smarter Workplace

smarter workplace

Technology is all around us and continues to embed itself deeper into every aspect of our lives. Businesses are quickly learning that the traditional approach is no longer going to cut the mustard and are planning to make changes.

A large amount of this change is being driven by millennials entering the workforce and demanding it. They believe that next gen tech such as VR or augmented reality will be able to improve their working lives…

Dell and Intel’s Future Workforce Study highlighted some interesting stats:

  • 44% of millennials believe that their workplaces are currently not smart enough.
  • As far as recruitment is concerned 82% of millennials suggest that having a high-tech office will influence their decision of accepting a job.
  • Millennials often thing they are made use technology in work that is inferior to what they use at home.

Well it could just be that millennials are right! But having a smarter workplace can make big improvements across the whole company. Here’s 4 benefits you might want to consider for your business…….

Improved Collaboration

Investing in nice comfortable collaboration spaces where your team can come together to work on products is a major benefit of smartening up the workplace. They play an important role particularly when staff are working on the same project from different locations.

Incorporating a smart collaboration system into the office allows the communication between employees to flow without interruption and can improve results for your clients.

More Motivated Employees

Employees play a critical role in the success of a business and investing in the workplace shows commitment to your staff, helping to keep them engaged.

A smart workplace can make every day tasks easier and more user friendly. You can collect data on how staff interact with the technology to shape your investment plans and give your team everything they need to get their jobs done efficiently.

Employee engagement and retention are still a big challenge for companies but if your staff are enjoying their jobs they’re much more likely to want to stay with the business long term.


Adding new technology can spark creativity and generate new ideas and possibilities. Coming up with new ideas, products and services supported by a smart working environment is a great way to drive your business forward.

Better Training

Over 60% of businesses have employees working remotely and this needs to be considered where staff training is concerned. New tech such as AR and VR enables employees to complete training remotely. On top of that, training can be carried out on a personalised timetable or tailored depending on your teams needs.

Millennial’s are  the ones driving a change towards a workplace of the future, but it is clear to see that there’s plenty of benefits to investing in a smarter workplace.

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