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4 AV Retail Tech Trends for 2019

retail av trends

The retail sector is the definitive testing ground – where the latest AV tech meets an enthusiastic audience that’s keen to explore and try out new ideas. AV and IT continue to cross paths and they are set to intertwine even deeper in 2019. New technologies can greatly enhance a shopper’s experience, drive footfall and of course benefit the bottom line, by increasing sales.

Understanding the opportunities available to your business and being well positioned to take advantage of them could help you achieve your growth targets next year.

Here’s 4 AV trends to keep an eye on in 2019….

Voice Search and Shopping

A big prediction for 2019 is that more and more of the search from mobile devices will be carried out through voice search. Three of the big hitters Apple, Google and Amazon have all invested and continue to invest in voice search enabled products.

Google Duplex and other very similar applications will make a big impact as they have the potential to change how we reserve a table at a restaurant or book an appointment for a haircut.

These technologies use AI to actually complete a task for us as opposed to simply responding to an ‘Ok, Google’ search inquiry. So, if that’s how customers are beginning to interract with you via voice how can you use the technology to grow in-store purchasing?

One way is to create a seamless experience for your customers……You might want to consider using a technology like geofencing to deliver messages to customers – not just on their phones, but on digital signage as they browse through your store. Creating a seamless experience between voice, mobile, and in-store display could give you a significant competitive advantage.

Experiential Marketing

Over the past number of years creating a unique visual experience for customers has been high on marketing managers agenda. We’re familiar with seeing video walls in the retail space nowadays and the next stage is video floors or even video tunnels.

A fully immersive experience can be achieved readily, with video floors and tunnels and messages can be displayed to shoppers from a whole new perspective. Floor to ceiling displays give innovators and ambitious brands a unique opportunity to grab the buyers attention; and motivate purchases.


There is massive potential right around the corner for retailers to use VR and AR to engage their customers, augment their shopping experience and drive sales.

Both VR and AR have the power to enhance the purchase experience for everything from cars to clothes.

Timberland is just one of many clothing brands experimenting with a virtual fitting room, using Kinect and digital signage they allow customers to try on clothes in a virtual environment.

Check it out……

It’s Selfie Time

Love‘em or hate‘em selfies aren’t going away. People can’t get enough of documenting their lives and sharing them with the world on social media.

This phenomenon represents an interesting opportunity for retailers. Think about how you can create a retail experience that is sharable on social. Introducing interactive digital displays that people want to stop and take photos with is one way to do it. There are loads more; let your creativity flow and you’ll be amazed how quickly some ideas will grow footfall…..

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